Dr. Paul Sanga

Dr. Paul Sanga


Dr. Paul Kiptarrei Sanga currently holds the position of Chief Officer for Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries at the County Government of Nandi. A highly skilled Veterinary Surgeon by profession, he earned his degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Nairobi. Dr. Sanga’s professional journey has been marked by a commitment to public service, agriculture, and veterinary practice.

Before assuming his role as Chief Officer, Dr. Sanga served as the Member of County Assembly for Chepkunyuk Ward in Nandi Hills Sub County, completing a successful term of 5 years. During his tenure in the legislative arm, he actively contributed to various committees, notably the health committee, and was a dedicated member of the agriculture, budget and appropriation, and selection committees.

His dedication to public service extended to impactful legislations, including the Facility Improvement Fund (FIF) Bill for health, a motion to operationalize dispensaries during weekends, and another motion to construct a farmers’ tea factory to benefit Nandi Tex growing farmers in the spriculture sector.

Prior to his political career, Dr. Sanga served as the Chief Executive Officer of Leibren Dairies Ltd. Under his leadership, the dairy turned profitable within the first three months through strategic measures such as increasing milk supply, reducing expenditure, and exploring additional revenue streams, including agro-vet sales. Notably, he successfully increased the commission charged to farmers from Kshs 2.00 to Kshs 3.00 per kg of milk, showcasing his business acumen.

Dr. Sanga initiated his career as a private veterinary practitioner and served as the Director of Kibois Agrovet and Animal Health Centre. Operating across Nandi County, he became a leading service provider in the region, offering a range of services such as artificial insemination, surgery, clinical services, obstetrics, agro-vet services, and technical consultations.

Dr. Sanga’s commitment to professionalism and excellence is evident in his employment of animal health technicians in agro-vet stores, ensuring farmers receive services in the right way. His contributions continue to make a lasting impact on the agricultural and veterinary sectors, benefiting both farmers and the community¬†at¬†large.