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11 Jul
By: Evans Sirma 0


Residents of Tindiret sub county now want the national government to clarify why Chiefs and their Assistants are currently collecting people’s identity card details across the region.

The Chiefs and their Assistants had allegedly been instructed to collect the details of potential beneficiaries of relief food but the residents read mischief in the whole exercise.

The residents argue that other parts of the country is currently faced with drought and famine and not the entire Tindiret, adding that the government cannot purport to be supporting just a section of the people within the community.

The residents have petitioned the government to come clear on where they are taking the details which they have already taken and warned the locals to be careful about giving their ID card details to the administrators.

The residents have called on members of the County Assembly, National Assembly and the incoming Governor to step in and shed light on the matter, saying they should clarify whether the move is genuine or not to ensure the locals don’t miss out on something beneficial.

However, a Chief from Tindiret sub county who sought anonymity confirmed that administrators in the area are indeed collecting identification details of residents but noted that the move has no political or sinister motive.

He added that the exercise is being conducted everywhere in the county, stating that they had been instructed to check on the most vulnerable families in the area who should be given relief food.

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