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08 Sep
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Using Windows 11 Installation Assistant to update my computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11 HUAWEI Support Global

Before you actually start the resetting process, you will be provided with an outline of what happens when you reset your system. You know it’s finished once a license agreement appears and you are asked to agree to it. Click on it and go through the on-screen instructions. Finally, your PC will reset to the factory default settings.

Select Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings. Next up, we will teach noobs how to get rid of that pesky root password on Linux and deprecate to more efficient file transfer methods like ftp and smb v1. Wouldn’t want the evil Red Hat or Ubuntu corporations snooping with their own TLS certs so we will build private ssl 1.0 keys. Seriously, who writes such irresponsible content? How are you going to replace all the security provided by the modern we that doesn’t come with ANY other av?

If you don’t want to restore everything, you can also exclude some programs / folders you don’t want to recover. Follow the prompts until the wizard starts resetting your Windows to its original “out of the box” state. This should take a long while, and you will see a message confirming that the container has been created successfully.

  • Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.
  • If you don’t want access to early builds in the future, just select ‘Stop getting preview builds’ from that same Windows Insider Program settings menu.
  • A new window will appear with two options, Keep my filesand Remove everything, as shown below.

A “reset” of Windows 8 removes all personal files from your computer. Applications installed will be removed and a backup folder will be created for them. Applications that were originally installed with Windows 8 download here will be reinstalled.

How to check if you are running the latest version of Windows 10?

The comments of those who deliberately post wrong comments , will be deleted. As you can see, you get a one-click solution to enable or disable Windows Defender on Windows 11 with this application. Meanwhile, you could also check out DefenderUI for granular controls. There are three methods to disable Windows Defender in Windows 11.

It’s a good idea to turn off your Bluetooth feature when you’re not using it because leaving it on could expose it to hackers or other hazards. System failures can occur, causing components to stop working properly. This is a common occurrence with Bluetooth components, and the best course of action is to “wake up” the devices.

Deciding whether to turn Defender off or leave it on

Other Windows 10 users said they were receiving notifications saying that some of the new features were restricted to the Windows Insider Program users, despite not registering for the scheme. Microsoft has released its Windows 10 Insider Build for members of the Windows Insider program, ushering in a suite of tweaks for the ever-evolving operating system. “Windows 10 is the safest and most secure version of Windows and we are glad that Which? shares our recommendation for customers to stay current with the latest Windows updates.” The software giant has also enhanced its Windows Defender Application Guard, introducing a new user interface inside Windows Security in this release. A key difference between Microsoft’s version of desktop-as-a-service from what many companies already offer under that term is the Windows 10 updating component.

Lastly, you can enable Bluetooth from Device Manager as well. Use the “Windows + X” keyboard shortcut to open the Quick Links menu. Then, click on the name of the device you wish to pair with your PC. Windows 11 will then start the pairing process, and you might need to match the PIN code if you are pairing a smartphone. You can also click on “Add device” to connect to a new Bluetooth device.

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